Fathers Seeking Child Support

Family Law Attorneys in Florida Help Fathers Seek Child Support

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During divorce, your concern for your children’s financial well-being can increase the anxiety of an already painful experience. At Price Family Law, our caring Florida family law attorneys can help you protect your children’s financial future as you divide your family into two households.

While mothers have traditionally been granted custody of children in a divorce, most states no longer have a presumption that a child should live with his or her mother. Fathers are regularly given primary custody of children, especially in cases where a mother cannot provide a safe and stable environment. If a father is granted physical custody, our attorneys help them pursue child support through an agreement or a court order. We help fathers:

  • Understand child support guidelines
  • Negotiate child support through mediation
  • Litigate child support issues
  • Enforce child support orders
  • Modify child support orders

Our attorneys strongly believe that fathers are entitled to equal rights and protections under the law.

Working with state child support guidelines

Florida law has established general child support guidelines. Our attorneys strive to achieve the best possible financial solutions within the framework of these guidelines. That begins with using the discovery process to compel a full, truthful financial disclosure, so the court can calculate basic child support with accurate data. Affluent couples must often deal with issues beyond basic child support, such as payments for private school tuition, sports, and enrichment activities. We work to achieve results that do justice to your children within your own financial reality.

Achieving child support settlements through mediation

Through the structured process of mediation, you and your spouse can put aside your differences and focus on the one point about which you likely agree — your children’s well-being. Our skilled negotiators can help you create a support plan that equitably divides the financial obligations of raising your children.

Litigation of child support in family court

Sometimes trial is necessary for you to receive the financial support your children deserve. With our firm, you have strong litigators on your side who are prepared to stand up for your children’s right to a financially stable upbringing.

Enforcement of child support

Both parents share the responsibility of raising their children. If your former spouse fails to abide by legal obligations for your children’s financial support, we can petition the court to enforce your child support order.

Post-divorce modification of child support

Child support payments remain the same unless and until the court modifies the child support order. If one parent suffers an injury or loses a job, fairness might dictate at least a temporary shift of financial burden to the other parent. Our attorneys can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify your child support payments to accommodate your changing financial circumstances.

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