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Jacksonville firm represents clients in divorces and other matters

Family legal challenges demand an experienced attorney who has the skill to resolve these cases successfully and the compassion to provide support throughout the process. At Price Family Law in Jacksonville, our attorneys have 10 years of combined experience assisting clients with a complete range of domestic legal concerns. Throughout the Duval County area, we represent Floridians in divorces, custody disputes, paternity litigation and other types of matrimonial and parenting matters. No matter how complex or bitter your situation, you can trust us to handle your needs, protect your rights and prepare you and your family for the future.

Dedicated Florida advocates provide comprehensive divorce counsel

When a marriage ends, we take great care to meet our clients’ legal, financial and emotional needs. Our attorneys deliver exceptional advice and advocacy at every stage of the process. We assist with issues such as:

  • No-fault divorce — In Florida, a no-fault divorce state, marriages are dissolved based on a ruling that the union is irretrievably broken. However, traditional fault allegations such as adultery and abandonment could come into play during determinations of property division or alimony. We take a detailed look at your situation and devise a suitable strategy on how to handle these issues.
  • Alimony — Courts examine numerous factors to decide if one divorcing spouse should submit financial maintenance payments to the other. These factors can include the duration of the marriage, the couple’s standard of living and each party’s respective earning capacity. When it is awarded, alimony is usually granted for a time period that allows the recipient spouse to become self-supporting. Our attorneys develop a comprehensive case to maximize the likelihood of a fair result.
  • Property division — Florida divides marital assets and debts based on the principle of equitable distribution. This does not necessarily mean that the property value will be split equally, but will be allocated based on what the judge thinks is fair. If you and your partner cannot achieve a settlement, our firm will prepare a thorough argument on your behalf.

No one looks forward to divorce, but our goal is to provide the strong legal guidance you need to move ahead confidently.

Skillful attorneys work to establish fair child custody and visitation terms

Like other states, Florida makes decisions regarding parenting time and parental responsibility based on what it considers to be in the best interests of the child. Our personalized approach enables us to argue passionately for a result that gives your children the best outcome. Mostly, both parents share legal authority over key decisions concerning matters such as education or medical treatment. Courts encourage both parties to support each other as much as possible and establish mutually acceptable visitation arrangements, known as time-sharing. We work to achieve consensus whenever possible and prepare authoritative time-sharing agreements to avert disputes over issues such as where children will spend particular holidays.

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