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Duval County attorneys assist with marital and parenting concerns

How you choose to handle a family law matter can affect you and your children for years to come. At Price Family Law in Jacksonville, we are knowledgeable advocates for divorcing spouses, parents and other family law clients throughout Duval County, Florida. With more than 27 years of combined experience, our attorneys understand how to obtain successful results while respecting the values and priorities of the people we serve. In cases involving matrimonial law, parenting time or other household matters, we can help achieve a favorable outcome for you and your family.

Family law cases, even when uncontested or amicable, are a high source of stress. It is easy for parties to fall into a sense of helplessness and/or confusion. We are advocates for people going through divorce, not advocates for divorce. However, divorce and other family law matters are simply a reality in our society. We take pride in being able to provide a sense of understanding and peace of mind for our clients in very complex and emotional issues.

Reputable law firm with a passion for helping spouses and children

Dealing with life changes is difficult, but a proven family law attorney can prepare you and help you begin a new chapter on a solid foundation. Duval County residents turn to us for their legal needs because of our:

  • Strong reputation — Family legal issues have lifelong consequences, so it is crucial to retain a lawyer who is trusted by colleagues and clients.
  • Detailed advice — From start to finish, we use our extensive legal knowledge to ensure that you have the information you need to make smart decisions. Our lawyers are open communicators who outline complicated issues in clear terms.
  • Personalized attention — We take the time to understand your unique situation and then develop a sound strategy designed to achieve your objectives. No family law issue is routine when it affects you and your loved ones, so our lawyers provide comprehensive support during your difficult time.

Skillful advocates protect clients’ rights in Florida domestic litigation

Our firm assists Duval County clients in legal matters relating to issues including:

  • Family law — If you are going through a divorce or have some other type of family law concern, we will take quick action to protect the legal rights of you and your children.
  • Child custody — Conflicts over child custody can be destructive to everyone involved. Our lawyers build a strong argument in support of a resolution that is truly in your child’s best interests.
  • Military divorce — Service members and their spouses face special challenges when their marriage breaks up. We understand the unique aspects of military divorce and provide effective counsel to members of the armed forces who are stationed locally.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Whether executed before or after the wedding, a marital agreement can serve as a safeguard against legal and financial problems down the road. Our firm creates prenuptial and postnuptial documents that clarify important issues in the event the marriage does not work out.
  • Child support — Noncustodial parents have a legal responsibility to provide child support to help meet the financial needs of their sons and daughters. If you need representation to set fair terms or to enforce or modify an existing order, we will assert your rights.

Whether your matter is simple or complex, we will provide high-quality advice and advocacy that eases your emotional burden.

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